If I told you that you could workout in New York City without spending a single dime would you believe me? As a frugal minded fitness enthusiast, I've discovered that you totally can workout in NYC for FREE. Let me explain...When I returned to Brooklyn after my year in Paris, I was determined to stay fit; however, I had the budget of a broke college student and I couldn't afford to treat myself to a gym membership. So, I did what any millennial would have done - I hopped on Google. I came across a program called Shape Up NYC and was hooked after my first class at the Harlem Hospital Center. That was in 2015. I've spent the last 1.5 years exploring  other affordable fitness resources here in NYC and what I've discovered is that there are endless opportunities to get in shape for FREE. If you're reading my blog, then I imagine that you too want to get fit, but you're on a shoestring budget. Don't sweat it, I'm pretty generous with my knowledge and more than happy to share all of the amazing resources that I live by. You can start by taking a peek at my #FrugalFriday CalendarI update it every week with FREE and affordable classes. Next, you can subscribe to my blog so that you get updates when I write a new post. Finally, check out some of my favorites programs below!