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Fitness Series Review: How Do You View?

Fitness Series Review: How Do You View?


Hey, hey fitties! There are only a few Sundaze left until summer officially ends. Let's agree to make the most of it by turning the city into our gym and exercising outdoors. You can head to a park, an outdoor track or even bike across the Brooklyn Bridge. I recently stopped by the William Vale Hotel here in Brooklyn for a rooftop workout called How Do You View. Taught by instructors from Sessions, How Do You View was a fitness experience that I didn't even know I wanted. In case you're wondering, Sessions is a Brooklyn based group fitness company that curates high-energy workouts designed to push you past your limits.    

I made my way to the William Vale Rooftop bright and early on Saturday morning. I've been to a few rooftop workouts so I expected to see a couple of yoga mats and weights laid out. Instead, there was a hydration station with fruit-infused water and coffee, yoga mats, SkiErg machines, rowing machines, medicine balls, jump ropes and more. All the works. I was completely thrown off, but still game to figure out what was in store for the day.

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There were about 50 participants on the Rooftop that morning. After a group pep-talk and a 5-minute warm up, we split into small groups of  4 people. Each group rotated through 4 different stations where we targeted a different set of muscles. My group started at station 1, which focused on core strength. We did planks, Russian twists and sit ups. At station 2, we snapped into the rowing machines for a full-body workout. Actually, we competed with the other groups at the rowing machines and my group came in a very close second #YouWinSomeYouLoseSome. At station 3, we worked our arms with jump rope, sumo squats paired with a medicine ball and burpees. Not to fly my own kite, but I excelled at jump roping ;-). In my weekly Muay Thai class, we have to jump rope for 3 minutes straight so I've developed lots of endurance. Finally, we finished the day at station 4 where we used SkiErg machines (my first time ever) and also did dumbbell raises. I was surprised by how easy the SkiErg machines were. Maybe it was the excitement and adrenaline of the workout coming to an end?


Here's why I love this fitness series:

  • Perfect location. It's in the heart of Williamsburg and walking distance from one of my favorite Rec. Centers in the city - McCarren Recreation Center. Plus, it's literally across the street from the Brooklyn Brewery, a nice stop to make post-workout since you can still burn the calories.

  • There was a DJ spinning tunes during the entire event. When you're singing all of your favorite lyrics and vibing to the music, it's hard to think about how painful one more squat is. I felt like I was at a party with friends and we just so happened to be working out. 

  • I'm a huge fan of total-body workouts and that's exactly what this was. I left the rooftop sore and confident that I worked out every single one of my muscles. 

  • This series is called How Do You View and for obvious reasons. The William Vale Rooftop overlooks the East River and the skyline is stunning! On the day of my class, the sky was clear and blue. 


The Sessions NYC team had so much positive words and uplifting energy to share. I got more high-fives in one day than I've gotten all year. They're doing a phenomenal job at creating a fitness brand centered on community and teamwork. We started the day by piling our hands one on top of the other, shouting words of encouragement and we ended the day exactly the same. Thanks Akila for making this a memorable experience!

Your turn! When's the last time you worked out on a rooftop? It's no secret that NY is full of beautiful rooftops and I'd love to know which ones are your favorite. 

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