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NYC Dance Week Festival

NYC Dance Week Festival

Seaport FIT

We are one full week into June, which means the countdown to NYC Dance Week 2017 has officially begun! NYC Dance Week is a 10-day festival beginning on June 15th that features FREE and discounted dance, fitness and wellness classes. This year, more than 40 local studios all over the city will participate. With classes ranging from ballet to Afro-Brazilian dance, NYC Dance Week will inspire you to try something new, be active and hopefully discover a new dance home. In case you're wondering, NYC Dance Week was created by TENDU Inc., an organization that celebrates the joy of dance and movement by running projects that provide free lessons and performance/showcase opportunities. I love participating in events like this because it puts a fun and uplifting spin on what it looks like to be healthy!

I first heard about NYC Dance Week through a friend who I met in a Shape Up NYC class. I had been going to Zumba at the Harlem Hospital Center every Friday for months and I loved the idea of trying a new dance. So, I signed up for my first class, West African Dance, at the Ailey Extension. 1.5 hours of bending, thrusting and foot-stomping movements accompanied by the beat of live drums left me on a natural high. There was so much energy, laughter and joy in that studio! Later in the week, I also attended BollyX at the Mark Morris Dance Center and a stretch class at Lastics that hurt in so many ways. This year, I can't wait to join a few new studios including Peridance and also to revisit Alvin Ailey for a Samba class! I'll be sharing my experience with you throughout the entire week on my Instagram page so be sure to head over and follow me.

If you're ready to dance the week away without spending a dime, here’s how you can participate:

Start here to sign up for the Festival. Next, go here for the complete list of classes, which are organized by FREE and discounted. Finally, print out your pass (from your confirmation email) and bring a copy to each studio that you visit! Yup, it's that simple. 

It's not every day that we New Yorkers get access to over 40 fitness and dance studios for FREE. To help you navigate NYC Dance week 2017 with ease, I've got 5 quick tips for you below:

  1. Don’t overextend yourself by trying to attend every single class. Instead, go through the list and pick 5 classes that make you really excited! Commit to those 5 classes and pencil them into your planner. As the week goes on, you can always add a new class if you'd like. By choosing your top 5 classes, you'll be getting the bang for your buck without being too overwhelmed. 
  2. Be adventurous. Dance Week only happens once a year so big or go home, right? Sign up for a dance or fitness class that you’ve never tried before! I was hesitant to take BollyX at the Mark Morris Dance Center last year, but it turned out to be such a fun workout.

  3. Studios specify which classes you're eligible to attend so be sure to read all the instructions for each class you sign up for. 

  4. While you're likely to encounter an enthusiastic dance major during the week, keep in mind that classes are introductory/open level so don't sweat it if you're not a professional!

  5. The festival officially ends on June 24th; however, some studio offers don’t expire until August so plan accordingly. 

Be sure to drop a comment below and let me know which classes you'll be attending for the NYC Dance Week Festival! 

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