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5 Ways That Living Healthier Teaches You To Adult

5 Ways That Living Healthier Teaches You To Adult

What was the last commitment you made to improve your health? Was it to eat more cruciferous vegetables or to hit the gym at least 2x per week? Did you follow through on your commitment? If you spend a few minutes reflecting on your health journey over the past few months, you'll probably realize that you've been pretty consistent with hitting your goals. It's almost second nature for you to pencil in your weekly workouts or to clear your weekend plans for a day trip to the local Farmer's Market. It's fair to say that you've got your priorities in order. But, were you always such a responsible adult? Probably not. Somewhere along the way, all that time spent pouring into your health taught you a thing or two about adulthood. In case you're wondering what I mean, here are 5 ways that living healthier teaches you to adult:  

1. You are disciplined

According to US News, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. Within 6 short weeks, all of those lofty goals people create to live a healthier and happier life are no longer a priority. The excitement of the new year sets in and people quickly return back to their old habits. Everyone except you. You defy this statistic. You are 100% committed to improving your health every single day. You make small, but meaningful progress. You are disciplined enough to commute to your evening workout class, despite being exhausted or not in the mood. Even when you don’t have the energy to meal prep, you push through. Being consistent and doing what you say will do definitely proves that you are adulting.

2. You know the value of a dollar

Your health is an investment and you're smart enough to know that without good health, life sucks. You make the conscious effort to buy quality food and pay for your gym membership/fitness classes. Not too long ago, spending $20 on drinks or cheap food wasn't a big deal. Now, you think deeply about what your money is actually worth. You know that $20 can buy you a class at that new studio on your block or a bag’s worth of organic groceries at the Union Square Farmer's Market. Or even some essential oils to upgrade your self-care routine. What I mean is that you're money-conscious. Being an adult means making sound decisions with your money and keeping your priorities in check.

3. You're basically a chef

Before you decided to make your health a priority, you dreaded spending time in the kitchen. Creating a grocery list, chopping up produce and understanding measurements/conversions were things you avoided. You convinced yourself that cooking wasn't your forté and that it was just too time consuming. Fast forward to today, you're basically a chef who can make anything from scratch. You experiment in the kitchen and love trying new recipes with your grocery hauls from the Farmer's Market. Cooking is a valuable life skill that requires you to step up and get your hands dirty. Taking care of your body by eating a balanced and nutrient rich diet is a sign that you're adulting. Cooking isn't for the faint of heart so kudos to you. 

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4. You follow your own internal compass

You're in-tune with yourself and you don't hop on a trending diet or a fitness fad just because everyone's doing it i.e. veganism, vegetarianism, soul cycling, yoga etc. In other words, you are comfortable saying no to the things that don’t align with your version of healthy. This manifests in your life outside of fitness and you are okay with saying no to people and letting go of relationships or experiences that no longer serve you. Being able to decipher what is for you and what isn't is an essential skill. Being true to yourself is basically synonymous with being an adult.

5. You embrace new experiences

The first time you tried a new workout or joined a new fitness home, you weren't sure what awaited you. You grew comfortable in your old routine and loved how familiar everything was. I know because this is how I felt before starting Muay Thai. Nonetheless, after a few months of consistent training, you welcome a new class with open arms. You enjoy the challenge and the process of learning. What once made you nervous, now excites you. Your fear of the unexpected is a thing of the past. Your adventurous spirit takes root in other areas of your life as well. Life is filled with unexpected adventures and you're prepared for the ride.

Living healthier is a choice you make every single day because you know that in the future you’ll lead a more fulfilling life if you can move with grace and use your body to its fullest capacity. Beyond that, developing a healthier lifestyle also helps you to navigate through adulthood with more ease. You pick up a few essential skills like consistency and intuition, which are obviously needed to lead a well-rounded life. Your turn - has living healthier taught you anything about adulthood?

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