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It's Time To Change Your Fitness Routine

It's Time To Change Your Fitness Routine

Spring is finally in the air and for those of us who may have fallen off track with our fitness and health goals, now is the perfect time to start fresh and renew our commitments. One goal that I set for myself this year was to be adventurous by trying new classes + workouts. In the next month or so, I hope to add parkour and rock climbing to my class roster. This is a goal that I spend a lot of time intentionally working towards because I tend to get caught up in my weekly routine of going to the same classes at the same gym. Obviously, it’s hard not to fall into a routine when you genuinely like your workout schedule. While there’s nothing wrong with having a routine, it’s always a good idea to switch things up every now and then. Who knows, you might discover a new workout that you love or that challenges you in a rewarding way. 

Of course, stepping out of our comfort zones when it comes to working out is easier said than done. It can be intimidating since we don’t know what to expect and we don’t want to embarrass ourselves in a room full of strangers. But to be honest, the benefits of trying a new class or workout far outweigh these fears. It’s a chance to meet new people, to use new muscles, to explore a new studio/gym, to pick up a new skill, to challenge yourself and so much more! Since spring represents a season of new beginnings, I wanted to share with you 6 simple steps I took to reset my fitness routine. Here’s how you can make your fear of trying new classes a thing of the past:


If you don’t do well with spontaneity, do a quick research into the class or workout to get an idea of what you'll be doing. Find out what to you should wear and what other students have to say about the class. Look up some reviews online. When you have an idea of what to expect, you’ll feel more at ease and prepared to sweat it out.


Having a friend join you is hands down the easiest way to overcome your fear of trying something new. You're more likely to be adventurous and daring when you have someone you trust along for the journey. Knowing that someone will be by your side looking just as awkward as you do, makes any workout seem doable.


Get to class a few minutes early so that you can introduce yourself. Ask questions and learn more about the other students and their motivations. More than likely, you’ll meet other first-timers who are just as uneasy as you are. If you intend on returning to the class or workout, then it’s a good idea to cultivate relationships with the other students.


At the end of class, go up to someone and pay them a simple compliment. This small effort will show that you are thoughtful and will be a great addition to the class.


Don’t worry about trying to be perfect or nailing every move. Forget about comparing yourself to other students, especially those who have been training for months. Just relax and give yourself kudos for stepping out and trying something new. This step was really paramount during the early stages of my Muay Thai training because for the first few weeks, I was preoccupied with how good everyone else was. The time I spent envying their techniques and skill, didn't help me to develop or progress. 


At the end of the class, be sure to thank your instructor. Showing appreciation for a teacher who takes the time and effort to help you meet your fitness and health goals goes a long way.

I know how easy it is to find a routine that works great and to stick with it for months because I've done that. While it's convenient, it means that you're not challenging yourself or progressing. We're a quarter into the new year so take advantage of this time to switch up your routine and make it more interesting. Try that class that you've been eyeing for some time. 

How do you motivate yourself to try a new class?

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