I’m a Brooklynite who is on a never-ending journey to achieve optimum health and wellness, without breaking the bank. I help women find affordable ways to eat better and stay active. I share resources, tips, and simple ways that you can change your daily habits on a city girl budget. 



Like most college students, I graduated with no idea of which direction my life was supposed to go. I spent the last four years doing well academically, but wasn’t passionate about my studies. So, I took advantage of the only opportunity that came through – I moved to Paris, France and worked as an English teacher.

That was the year I learned it's okay to be unsure.

After spending a year with the most adorable French kids, I opted to stay in Paris for the summer. I needed some creative inspiration and was hoping to figure out the next phase of my life (aka I was drinking red wine and procrastinating about getting a real job). With so much free time on my hands, I thought it might be cool to begin a health journey. Over the next few months, I started working out, cooking with lots of veggies and herbs and biking everywhere (shoutout to Velib’). Within a few weeks, I was catching on to this healthy lifestyle thing and found myself online searching for group fitness classes. I got lucky and stumbled across a class being offered on the rooftop terrace of the Galeries Lafayette. Not only was the view breathtaking, but the class was sponsored by an athletic brand so I didn’t have to pay a single euro! As the weeks progressed, so did my commitment.   

Before I knew it, my passion was staring me right in the face.

Soon, I returned to Brooklyn and was committed to staying active and eating well. Here’s what I noticed during those first few months back in the city:

  • Trendy boutique gyms were everywhere and finding a class that was fun, diverse and inexpensive was like looking for a seat on a rush-hour A train.
  • Healthy eating had morphed into organic/gluten/diary/sugar free meals that were tasteless and beyond my budget.

This wasn’t the version of healthy that I wanted to be a part of. Thanks to the wonders of Google and word of mouth, I discovered some amazing resources throughout the city. I learned about ShapeUp NYC, farmers markets, athletic brand sponsored events, co-ops, and recreation centers and haven’t looked back since. Now, my passion to live well without spending a fortune is something that I want to share with you. I’m here to show you that healthy is not an exclusive club for a select few. This blog is for the tribe of women who want to get stronger and eat better, without compromising their wallets.    

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